MBE Manuka’s collaboration success - 2/10/2014
Marilyn Gray, from MBE Manuka, has been the Executive Officer of the Capital Arts Patrons Organisation (CAPO) for some 13 years.

MBE South Yarra's Super Coach - 24/09/2014
MBE Owner by day, Super Coach by night !.

MBE West Perth NOW OPEN for Business ! - 22/09/2014
We are proud to announce that the newest MBE Store has just Opened in West Perth WA.

MBE Varsity Lakes at the Family Fun Day - 17/09/2014
Bob Payne flies the flag for MBE Varsity Lakes at a local Family Fun Day.

2014 MBE Franchise Award Winners - 2/04/2014
Mail Boxes Etc Australia is pleased to announce the recipients of the 2014 MBE Franchise Awards.

MBE opens new centre in New Zealand's Capital - 30/10/2013
We are pleased to announce the opening of our new Mail Boxes Etc. centre in Wellington, New Zealand!

Mail Boxes Etc. South Brisbane’s packing & shipping solutions – let the world leader handle your consignments

Whatever your express freight or courier requirements, there is no one who knows it better than MBE. With over 1,355 centres in nearly 30 countries worldwide, MBE is the world leader in retail express courier, freight, office and document service solutions. Whether you need a letter delivered in an hour from one side of the city to the other, or hundreds of boxes sent to multiple locations overseas, MBE are the experts in custom professional packaging and shipping of time sensitive consignments.

Why use us for your packing and shipping needs? Because no one knows better than MBE

MBE is all about making things happen. Every business has different needs, and every shipping job has different requirements. We are here to get your things from A to B, be it to the other side of town or the other side of the world. Here are some of the reasons why you should think MBE when you think packing and shipping services:


Our 1,355 centres worldwide in over 30 countries make MBE the world leader in express courier and freight service solutions. Get your consignment anywhere in the world, the fastest, most reliable and secure way possible.

Carrier selection

MBE utilises many different carriers depending on the nature of the consignment. Depending on the destination, contents and speed requirement of your delivery, MBE selects the fastest and most reliable mode to get your consignment to its destination.

Damage protection

Don’t waste time packing boxes and not knowing what the best way is to protect your goods against damage. MBE has the expertise to pack your consignment correctly, guaranteeing the highest level of damage protection, with minimum hassle to you.


For added peace of mind, items packed and sent by MBE can also be insured for loss or damage. There is no safer way to choose your courier and freight services than MBE.

To find out more about our world class packing and shipping services, contact your local MBE Business Centre in South Brisbane today.