MBE Manuka’s collaboration success - 2/10/2014
Marilyn Gray, from MBE Manuka, has been the Executive Officer of the Capital Arts Patrons Organisation (CAPO) for some 13 years.

MBE South Yarra's Super Coach - 24/09/2014
MBE Owner by day, Super Coach by night !.

MBE West Perth NOW OPEN for Business ! - 22/09/2014
We are proud to announce that the newest MBE Store has just Opened in West Perth WA.

MBE Varsity Lakes at the Family Fun Day - 17/09/2014
Bob Payne flies the flag for MBE Varsity Lakes at a local Family Fun Day.

2014 MBE Franchise Award Winners - 2/04/2014
Mail Boxes Etc Australia is pleased to announce the recipients of the 2014 MBE Franchise Awards.

MBE opens new centre in New Zealand's Capital - 30/10/2013
We are pleased to announce the opening of our new Mail Boxes Etc. centre in Wellington, New Zealand!

Virtual office solutions made easy – Mail Boxes Etc. has everything to help your business expand

Ever thought about expanding your business to new locations, but can’t afford to move into new premises at each destination? MBE’s virtual office solutions take the pressure off you and help you expand your business interstate or on a national level without burdening you with huge financial commitments. With 39 Business Centres nationwide, MBE is Australia’s leading virtual office services provider. At MBE, we make it our business to help your business grow.

MBE’s virtual office solutions include the following:

Prestigious Mail Address (i.e. Virtual Mail Address)

With a prime mail address, your mail and courier packages are sent to your local MBE Business Centre where we will notify you instantly of their arrival. You can either drop by your centre 24/7 to pick them up or have them forwarded to you anywhere in the world. Use a prime address on your business cards, website and other marketing material knowing we always receive your mail and courier packages.

Virtual receptionist live telephone answering service

A virtual receptionist answers your calls professionally and exactly as you would. Together with our partner Virtual Headquarters we offer a 24/7 telephone answering service making sure your calls are always taken and professionally answered. There is no need to alter your existing business phone number, simply divert (1800, 1300, 02, 03 etc.) to your local Virtual Headquarters number on busy or no answer and instantly your calls will be answered by our virtual receptionist. Call us now to sign up for our 7 day free trial no obligation period!

Fax to email service

Allocate yourself a local fax number anywhere in Australia and receive your faxes into one or several email addresses as you determine. Or divert your existing fax number to your unique local Virtual Headquarters fax number and instantly receive your faxes as soft copies into your email account. This is the perfect way that not only saves toner, reprinting and forwarding faxes, but it allows you to receive faxes anywhere you are in the world where you are able to access your email.

Other virtual office services such as print, copy & design services, courier services, office supplies & packaging material.

Extend, expand & grow with MBE’s virtual office solutions

How many times have you been contemplating about expanding your business and realised that the cost of establishing new offices in multiple locations is simply too high? MBE’s virtual office solutions provide the perfect avenue if you need to expand your business across the country or interstate but lack the funds to open physical presences at your desired locations. MBE helps you support your business locally, backed by a global network.

Virtual office solutions – the new reality of doing business in Australia

Have your phone answered professionally by a virtual receptionist 24/7, have your mail delivered to your local business mailing address across Australia, enjoy a broad range of standard office and courier services wherever and whenever you need them, without spending all your time and money in physically expanding your business to new locations. How? With MBE’s virtual office, offering you all the benefits of a real office without the cost and commitment attached to it.

For a better understanding of how MBE’s virtual office solutions help you build a truly national organisation, visit MBE South Brisbane today and talk to our experienced staff.